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An architect can contribute to the evolution of the language that designs space, the tool to shape the images of the mind and feelings of the soul. Through careful observation and listening to the reality around them and the time in which they live, they can create new stories and new scenarios of ife. They have to know how to respond to the needs that each project requires, but must at the same time be brave and able to inspire through their work. continua

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What is the "mission" of an architect? The task of an architect is to make the world in which we live a better place. From the small to the large, from the monumental to the minimal, within every project lies a potential opportunity. Spreading quality, beauty, rigor; designing spaces, buildings, neighborhoods and cities that are able to respond to the questions for which they were born, but that at the same time have the ability to convey civic and collective values. To do this, we need to learn to see the world, to be curious and never be satisfied of the first responses, and often not even the first questions, that a project poses. continua

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