Gregg Brodarick

Over the centuries, Italy has provided society with some of the most beautiful paintings, talented musicians and finest recipes. The Isplora project was born out of our passion for everything Italy has to offer; for Italian culture, Italian style and, most importantly, Italian design. The history of Italian architecture is, without doubt, one of the foundations of an architect’s training wherever they are based in the world.

However, the focus is always on the past: on the power of the Roman Empire, on the influence of the Renaissance, and the engineering achievements of iconic buildings, such as Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence Cathedral, which still stand today. The Italy of present is often overlooked in favor of a trip down memory lane, but it is still a country where innovation is at the heart of everything that is created. Today’s architects are building upon Italy’s traditions in design and sophistication with their unique visions of the future, and Italy is still contributing to the top echelons of contemporary architecture.

Isplora is an innovative approach to continuing education. Our intention with Isplora is to provide a platform for exploring Italy through its contemporary architecture; a source of inspiration and training for architects across the world. With the advent of online learning, the potential of providing this to anybody interested in architecture and Italy has exploded, but too frequently the results are uninspiring. A beautiful country deserves a beautiful articulation. Isplora’s rich, evocative video documentaries provide lessons on some of Italy’s most distinguished contributions to contemporary architecture, making it easy and enjoyable to earn professional accreditation, or simply deepen your appreciation of this exceptional country.

Each documentary is a journey through the evolution of a new building. Focusing on a key theme, uncovering the link between architecture and its surrounding landscape, the use of traditional Italian building materials as well as new high-tech approaches to sustainability, structural design and aesthetics. Isplora is not just a formal training program, but a platform providing alternative news and events along with ideas and inspiration that individuals can apply to their own work. Isplora pushes us to explore the world around us, widening our horizons, and encouraging new ways of perceiving the world that we create.

Isplora is dedicated to professional architects around the world who want to continue learning from Italy; for those in love with Italy, who wish to travel and uncover the architectural beauty of a country alive with creativity.

Buon viaggio,

Gregg Brodarick
President, Isplora


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