Padiglione Italia EXPO 2015

The Italian Pavilion at Milan EXPO 2015 by Studio Nemesi & Partners Srl

The volumetric articulation of the project is based on four main blocks, arranged around a central square-empty, connected by bridge elements; within them are organized in macro key functions required by the Preliminary Document: exhibition area, auditorium, offices and Meeting. The four architectural volumes, as if they were trees, have the support massive point on the ground that simulate large “roots” of the exhibition on the ground floor.
For the jury, “The highest ranked project plays with special care and self-expressive formal interpretation of the content of the invitation, declining and sharing with clear and comprehensive architectural imprint the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life‘ with prefiguration introduced by the concept.”

Studio: Nemesistudio

Expo 2015




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