How One Office Building Renovation Preserved Milan's Modern Legacy by Park Associati

Built in the 1960s, the Palazzo Campari in central Milan was representative not only of this growth but also of the new corporate identity that was emerging in Italy. The building's new owners commissioned local architects Park Associati to complete a redesign of the complex that preserved the building's integrity and its historical significance.

Renaming the building "La Serenissima," the architects focused on the exterior, exchanging the glass curtain wall for a pattern of alternating windows and glazings that mirrors the historic surroundings.
Taking a cue from the original design, the renovation features a burnished aluminum façade.
This creates an eye-catching contrast between the dark metal and the glow of the large windows when lit up at night.
The renovation both highlights Milan's sleek, contemporary style and fits within the historic modernist framework of the original building, making La Serenissima a welcome boost to the neighborhood.

The redesign also achieved LEED Gold certification, bringing the building fully into the 21st century.

Photo Credit + Studio: Park Associati



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