Stradivarius Violin Museum

Stradivarius violin museum at Cremona by Giorgio Palù and Michele Bianchi with Yasuhisa Toyota

The guiding principle of the construction was the desire to offer each one of the 460 audience members an immersive and completely absorbing experience. From the structural elements to the design of the fittings and furnishings, from the acoustic solutions to logistical decisions, everything has been carefully studied in order to reach the highest possible finished standards. The excellence is not fuelled only by engineering skill and sophisticated calculations, but also by a profound sensitivity and an artisanal quest for perfection, tracing a direct and perceptible line of continuity back to the skill and capacity for innovation expressed by Cremona’s great violin-making maestros.

The geometry of the spaces brings together soft volumes; sinuous lines chase each other and draw a an organic sculpture which expresses the spreading of sound waves.  The hall’s particular architecture presents a final suggestion: the stage is at the centre of the scene, the audience  “wrapped round” the musicians and the dialogue that is created between audience and players produces strong empathy and allows a new experience, of an intensity and quality of feeling noticeably higher than that of the classical concert concept.

Studio: Arkpabi with Yasuhisa Toyota

Museo del Violino di Cremona




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