A new design spot in Palermo

The concept for the project "Ai Giudici - coffee & drinks" is born from the need to ensure the flexibility of a space for coffee shop by day and pub at night.

In order to ensure this double meaning of the space within the same it's possible mix the lounge character of the coffee house, as the warmth of wood in the spaces for the breakfast, and the stronger character of iron - rust color - that fit the project for the night pub.

The materials used in two different spaces lend themselves to a strongly identifying the functions that take place mainly within them. In areas where breakfast is served, the wood invests tables and chairs, elements containers and planters on the walls and light fixtures on the ceiling; these elements, characterized by wooden modular volumes, are grafted onto a lightweight iron that starts from the floor and through the walls and ceiling by wrapping the entire space. In the middle of the room, where night work takes place mainly through the sale of cocktails, breaks the volume treated iron rust color that embraces floor, walls and ceiling, and that includes the bar counter illuminated by soft lighting suspended.



Photo credits: Studio DiDeA


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A new design spot in Palermo

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