All about microtopping

All you have to know about microtopping

Concrete manufacturing reaches a new frontier. We are talking about microtopping, an innovative coating technique. Microtopping, conceived by Ideal Work, allows to coat any flat or 3D surface (and even any object!) of a completely homogenous layer of concrete just 3 mm thick.
An example on the fly: the little theater of Palazzo Grassi renovated by Tadao Ando. Who has not wondered how it was possible to achieve that perfection of surfaces?

Microtopping concrete is the result of the union between a liquid polymer and a special cement mixture, made by mixing water-based polymers which are entirely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), with natural, cement-based ingredients. It is a 100% handcrafted product, completely hand made: the mixture is prepared for each application, from time to time, giving a unique finishing on every surface.

It is an innovative and sustainable material, whose strength features are comparable to the good old wood. Microtopping also means having a low environmental impact, since the application "in paste" minimizes waste, dust, rubble and any kind of debris. Furthermore, it is a material that does not release harmful substances in the air, that has excellent bonding characteristics to any support, excellent resistance to UV rays and climatic stress, and high thermal conductivity.

Microtopping is the solution to revamp an old setting to transform it in an innovative way. The particular cement mixture can be amalgamate with liquid colorants of any gradient: the obtainable combinations are almost endless.

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