Andrea Ottaviani from CORTE

1. What is the "mission" of an architect?

An architect can contribute to the evolution of the language that designs space, the tool to shape the images of the mind and feelings of the soul. Through careful observation and listening to the reality around them and the time in which they live, they can create new stories and new scenarios of ife. They have to know how to respond to the needs that each project requires, but must at the same time be brave and able to inspire through their work.

2. You have just won YAP MAXXI 2015: a window on Italy for the world. What are the values ​​that you want to convey?

This year’s competition lent towards an installation that takes into account the relationship between space, and the production and consumption of food. CORTE proposed ‘Great Land’, a portion of landscape served up on the square of MAXXI, a place to get together, feed the soul and refresh the body. This is exactly the added value that we would like our project to have: the definition of a public space in which we can live the experience of conviviality, the sharing of contact with the landscape. A way to recover a sense of belonging and respect for nature and for the resource it represents. We would like this opportunity to convey the spirit of CORTE, based on the identity of the people who are a part of it, on their desire to share experiences while preserving individuality. ‘Great Land’ will be the place where everyone can create his or her own way of being, be a protagonist and not just a visitor.

3. CORTE consists of a group of multidisciplinary professionals. What are the benefits and incentives that make this method work?

CORTE is a reality composed of professionalism and heterogeneous intent, a flexible structure that can respond to the needs of the market and values individual aptitudes. All this greatly affects both the creative process as well as the more specifically professional one. The different skills yield a broader vision and more articulate answers that we can give to our work. Exchange and discussion multiply the creative capacity of each and every one of us and every job opportunity becomes a truly enlightening experience. The result of this method of work allows us to provide a professional service that is much more comprehensive and responsive to the needs of the clients, as well as opening up possibilities of interventions that cross the boundaries of architecture, design, graphics, communications and event organization. The goal is to give life to the creative experiences that reflect, through space, the living, dynamic nature that CORTE represents and promotes.

4. What can’t you live without in an architectural office?

Curiosity, the desire to do architecture every day, the passion for debate and the time to dedicate to long sessions of brainstorming.




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