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Would you like a piece of Venice?

Did you ever dream about having a piece of Venice? Now you can! Just like it happened to the famous wall that separated East Germany from West Germany, the dream of many venetians is to get rid of the Constitution bridge selling it in small packs of clear plastic and colored cardboard, you could find them shopping on line as well as on the souvenir's shops in Venice. Isn't that incredible?

This bridge has a troubled history; on completion of works - in 2008 - it has been subject to investigations by the ministerial authority for alleged omissions by the designer on the real executive feasibility of the project. The works lasted six years instead of two. All this for a cost of 11.3 million euros plus 1.8 million for the cable car. Not including the great tumbles by many tourists. Hence, why it does not gone down well with the Venetians, and to be honest, the bridge saves you just 2 minutes and 28 seconds to switch on to the other side of the Canal.

We are sure that tourists would appreciate the opportunity to purchase a piece of Venice to take home along with their masks, miniature gondolas and fridge magnets. Which part of the bridge would you like to buy?

Happy April's fool day :-)

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