BD Collection

Italian luxury reinvents the classics

Brand and design philosophy
BD Collection is an Italian design brand that collects original Made in Italy handcrafted products. Whether it is art, furniture or architectural design, BD Collection brings Italy’s true essence to the international stage. 

The company’s culture is deeply inspired to its director’s own experiences. Architect and entrepreneur, BD director has split his living and working time evenly between America and Italy, thus bringing to his company its characteristic traits: an international-oriented approach and the predilection for technical and esthetic perfection, pillars of “Made in Italy”. 

2014 marked the launch of the luxury Calma-E-Gesso brand under the BD umbrella. Calma-E-Gesso is established at the intersection between artisan production and modern style, with a focus on authentic Italian quality. The inaugural product, the crystal-glass billiard Filotto, is showcased as part of the interior design of the Ralph Lauren Flagship store on Madison Avenue.
Whether it is art, furniture or architectural design, Brodarick Design drives to bring you Italy’s true essence. 
A luxury pool table: Filotto
Filotto - BD Collection
The billiards, or pool, table has alway been a work of artisan carpentry, even up until the present day, but it is a design ‘frozen in time’.
Taking the strongest traditional elements from the table designs of established artisans and re-interpreting them with a series of innovative, patented solutions, BD with its collection Calma e Gesso has succeeded in re-creating the familiar green wool suspended in an ethereal crystal structure. With this sophisticated design, Calma e Gesso have removed the material ‘heaviness’ that has always characterized the classic pool table, as well as the colossal inventions of the past – and have given it a new lease of life for its modern setting (Filotto is already installed in the Ralph Lauren headquarters, New York).
The magic lies in having realized a thin, steel frame, which is both adjustable, divisible, and supports the solid slate game surface, as well as the crystal structure that characterizes this new design. The unique feeling of seeing a 750kg billiard table ‘float’ on four legs is second only to the pleasure of playing on this italian masterpiece.
Filotto - BD Collection
Filotto - BD Collection
Filotto - BD Collection
Filotto - BD Collection
Filotto - BD Collection
Filotto - BD Collection
Filotto - BD Collection
Giving a new guise to a game born in the eighteenth century is an incredible challenge. The Calma e Gesso team already knew the challenge they were undertaking when they decided to redesign the ping-pong table and transform it into a superlative object of design: “Lungolinea”. The idea of playing on a transparent games table seems unimaginable, but thanks to a series of spectacular inventions, devised by Adriano Design, it is now possible for even the most competitive professional players to enjoy a game of ping-pong on a table made of glass. 
The result is a transparent games table so distinctive it can be inserted into any context, immediately becoming the focal point of any room. The beauty of Lungolinea is in its lightness and sophistication of the technical material and technology.
BD Collection
BD Collection
BD Collection
Watch Calma-e-Gesso short movie here
photo credits: BD Collection 




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