MAXXI Summer

'Great Land' for a MAXXI summer

YAP MAXXI rewards the group CORTE, with the installation of their proposal 'Great Land' for the summer of 2015. But let’s start from the beginning. What is YAP and what is CORTE?

YAP MAXXI is a program of cultural promotion created to support upcoming architecture, currently in its fifth edition in Italy. Every year, MAXXI hold a competition targeted at young designers, architects and artists: the theme of this ideas contest is based around the proposal of a temporary installation, which will welcome visitors during the outdoor summer events organized by MAXXI.

YAP is what springs from a collaboration between MAXXI, MoMA / MoMA PS1, Constructo (Santiago), Istanbul Modern and MMCA (Seoul) and this heterogeneity of countries and institutions is reflected among the members of the jury.

This year YAP chooses CORTE as the winner of the competition, owing to the proximity of the project to the themes promoted by the organization: sustainability, recycling and innovation. The 'Great Land' project by CORTE combines the clarity of a project with a high level of abstraction with the quality of a serviceable urban park.

So, what is CORTE? It is a place of creative and professional contamination in the very heart of Rome, not too far from the Colosseum. CORTE is a space to share work and culture. Anyone can participate in the activities of CORTE; the group of creative people who now animate the rooms of CORTE organizes workshops, seminars, events and gladly accept proposals for collaboration for more cultural activities.

If you want to learn more about CORTE, stay tuned to Isplora! Tomorrow we will be having a chat with them in the section 'An Espresso With', our coffee time with architects!

In the gallery below you can see photos of the winning projects from previous editions.

 Photo Credits: studio CORTE; Francesco Russomanno;


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