Garden Benetton

A Secret Garden for Benetton

Nothing is more ancient in architecture than the theme of the fence: the fence, or the wall, can divide, exclude, but also contain and create spaces. This is exactly the concept that generates the work of architecture for the company Benetton, by Alberto Campo Baeza in Ponzano (Treviso, 2007).The company's kindergarten welcomes, in addition to employees' children, a share of those registered in the municipality. The complex is formed by nine volumes, surrounded by a white wall, which contains them and makes them visible as a single building. At the center of the planimetric composition stands the highest volume of the nine, which emerges from the nucleus to bring light into the building.The outdoor area, which is articulated between the volumes and the perimeter wall of the complex, is devoted to the games and activities of children, as well as four outdoor courtyards inspired by the four natural elements. The plurality of micro-spaces generated in the dialogue between architecture, wall and void give this place an aura of mystery; that's how a company kindergarten becomes a "Secret Garden”.

Photo Credits: Hisao Suzuki; Marco Zanta

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