3ndy Studio

Alessandro Lazzari from 3ndy Studio


1. What is the "mission" of an architect?

To inspire! Each project must be imagined as if it were a work of art that you would live in. This is also the philosophy of 3ndy Studio.

2. Graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Venice, what do you feel you bring with you to the design table?

A multidisciplinary approach and the ability to design by hand, which is fundamental in conceiving and shaping a project. While you draw by hand, you think, and while you think, you draw by hand; a magic flow that designing on the computer cannot recreate.


3. Your projects, particularly the Palace of Vigonovo, often use materials in an unconventional way. How important is research in your work?

I would say fundamental. We devote weeks to research in the field of new building technologies and materials for each project. A part of the office deals solely with this. We often meet artisans or manufacturers who are willing to study new finishings or assembly techniques with us, in order that they fit the spirit of our projects. We have also collaborated with the likes of Giorgio Milani and art critics such as Philippe Daverio. The results are often exciting and always leaves us, as well as our collaborators and producers, surprised.

4. What can’t you live without in an architectural office?

The coffee maker: the inevitable companion of working into the night, and the ever-present element that brings us together within the studio.



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