Exedra Spa Milan

Le Mille Bolle Blu. Take a Break and Relax

If you're still at Milan, after a Design week full of visits, exhibitions and cocktails, you might need a relaxing break. We have the right place for you! Inside Milan Exedra Hotel you'll find a world completelly unexpected, an oasis for the senses, a microcosmos of luxury relax, beauty and harmony. A world wrapped with thousands of kaleidoscopic bubbles which reflect the colours, immages and sounds.

The hotel and rooms have been designed by Italo Rota, while this wellness area with its own personal identity, has been created by Simone Micheli, following the specific request of the Customer of creating a space that brings the visitor in an almost subliminal way to another dimension, surreal, metaphisical, unlikely... and remembering somehow the famous song of Mina "Le mille bolle blu".

This is a three dimensional space as a result of a conscious union among architecture, sensoriality, wellness, from the synergy among highly effective basic furniture, plastic and fluid shapes and the personal experience of the guest walking in this area surrounded by a fantascientific scenario.

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This wellness center is the result of a thorough search in composition and creative techniques, an interactive and hybrid place where all features are deliberately distinctive as witnessed by the reception area, passages, men's and women's changing rooms,treatment cabins,“humid” area with sauna, turkish bath, showers,ice maker, relax area and by the large swimming pool sporting multiple water effects and hydromassage jets.

All the above mentioned features aim at accompanying the visitor on this dreamlike trip by lulling and involving him, and we are sure that it really happens.

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