Italy Inside Out

Italia Inside Out

Not so much to explain and so much to look at. The exhibition Italy Inside Out, at Palazzo della Regione in Milan, talks about Italy through the eye of several photographers, from the past and the contemporary days.

The exhibition is divided into two periods, the IN and the OUT. The IN period includes the exhibition of works by Italian photographers and it will run until June 21,2015 while from July 1 to September 27, 2015 it will be the turn of foreign photographers.

The exhibition is part of the activities planned by Expo in Città, some cultural initiatives which will animate Milan during the Expo six-month. What tells us this photography exhibition about Italy?

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Through the photographs of Italian and foreigner masters, Italy Inside Out traces the history of the country, focusing on the beauty of landscapes, development of cities, stereotypes, traditions, hopes, dreams and tragedies of the contemporary.

The staging, by Peter Bottazzi, is organized in carriages, each of which hosts some works of an author; so Italy Inside Out really becomes a long revealing journey.

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