Generations of Wood

Generations of Wood

The rich history of Italy means that valuable materials can often be recovered and flooring transformed for a second use. The tradition and wisdom of artisans and respect for the recovered materials have led over time to an excellent level of parquet, which is transmitted directly into the finished product. In addition, wood aged in a natural way is irreproducible through other means, and leaves a subtle mark on every grain of wood.

Planks and beams from old buildings are particularly carefully selected, treated against parasites, frequently teamed with avant guard technologies and then finally handmade by traditional means. The surface finishes are able to maintain the uniqueness of the original material and, with the passage of time, give the floor more and more polish and beauty. The results obtained are always of great aesthetic value, adapting not only to interventions of historical restoration but also of great contemporary works.

The most recognisable use is when parquet is reassembled using old wooden planks. Rebuilding traditional compositions and patterns attributable to historic buildings of a certain value, such as traditional planks, herringbone and checked pattern.

More and more often we can find flooring to admire that builds on tradition with research and innovation. Hence we also find flooring that uses wood in place of other less noble materials, such as terracotta, reproducing their geometries with multiple elements of color using the inlay of various woods.

The results that you can achieve are always the best from designers and craftsmen working symbiotically to get across their passion and dedication to that which Italy excels in.


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