Giorgio Bartocci

Giorgio Bartocci at the House of Architecture in Rome

Until January 12, 2015 Between prehistory and fiction at the -1 art gallery in the basement of the House of Architecture in Rome. Here have come and gone several street artists, creating walls a peculiar stratigraphy contemporary: each work has been deleted to accommodate the next. It is the turn of Giorgio Bartocci (Jesi 1984, lives in Milan) that concludes the cycle. In a kind of cave where prehistoric and fiction intertwine, the look seems to get lost in the apparent chaos: forms and signs, animals, humans, plants ... closely interconnected.

Disturbing, at first sight - with the sinuous black figures with phosphorescent eyes - captures the dynamism and continuous harmonic where the tension is always present in the unit of each element. Farther footprints graffiti abstract and figurative, is the original and extraordinary painting Bartocci transformer energy of the archetypal world, in frequencies of vibrations perceptible level space-time.And all this happens on the edge of the world, in that uncertain territory between being and non-being.

Artist: Giorgio Bartocci

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