Secrets Revaled

Secrets Revealed at MAST

The photographs by Emil Otto Hoppè reveal secrets; in this case secrets about the industrial architecture between the years 1912 and 1937.

Hoppè, one of the most famous and well-known photographers of the 1900s, was also an eclectic artist and the heterogeneity of his interests is perceived in the pictures exhibited at MAST. They do not speak only of architecture but also of people, culture and society.
Urs Stahel, the curator of the exhibition, decided on a collection of 200 pictures of the industrial reality of the early 1900s, experienced by Hoppè throughout his journeys. Between the images we find the car district in Detroit, the TATA steel mill in Jamshedpur, the bankers of the London Stock Exchange, the coal miners in Durham and the workers of the famous Cadbury factory. Emil Otto Hoppè is a disseminator of realities: this futuristic landscape of images that narrates about architecture, industry and technology at the beginning of 1900 will remain at MAST until May 3rd.

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