Kindergarten in Italy

Seven perfectly-designed kindergartens in Italy

It’s again the moment of Isplora PICKS and this time we are looking at kindergartens.

Designing a space for the education and development of a child is a job that requires great sensitivity, and a lot of precision. Nothing can be left to chance and it is necessary to take into account some specific parameters such as the accessibility of the spaces and, of course, the visitability, the comfort of the furniture and the richness of the sensory landscape (that is, materials, light sources, tactile surfaces).

We speak of kindergartens in Italy to let you know that here too, and not only in northern Europe, nursery design is gaining considerable attention. Kindergartens are spaces dedicated to the act of learning from 360 degrees, environments where the child's development is the key priority. So Isplora has selected seven kindergartens as examples from which we can take inspiration and guidance. Enjoy the selection!

- Cariparma Company Kindergarten 'CariBimbi' by ZPZ Architects (Cavagnari, 2011)

- Daycare Centre for Benetton by Alberto Campo Baeza (Ponzano Veneto, 2007)

- Guastalla Nursery by Mario Cucinella Architects (Guastalla, work in progress)

- Company Day Nursery by Citterio, Viel and Partners (Verona, 2006)

- 'Firmian' Children's Centre by Modus Architects (Bolzano, 2012)

- New Children's School by Colucci+Partners (Cascina, 2013)

- The Pencil Box by Sergio de Gioia, Paolo Didonè and Fabrizio Michielon (San Felice sul Panaro, 2012)

Tell us which you prefer the most in the comments below!


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