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7 Italian favorites from #MuseumWeek

To celebrate the end of #MuseumWeek the Isplora team decided to dedicate a special PICKS edition to the museums and galleries that have participated, and share with you a selection of our favorite places to spend an afternoon immersed in cultural destinations.

With 179.105 tweets and 418.565 retweets, the second #MuseumWeek has taken the concept global, with individuals and institutes interacting both online and in person. If you didn’t make it to any of the specially themed events last week, don’t worry! You can be sure that there will be something new to discover at one of our Isplora PICKS next time you visit.

- MAXXI by Zaha Hadid (Roma, 2010)

- Auditorium 'Giovanni Arvedi' del Museo del Violino by Arkpabi | Palù & Bianchi Architetti (Cremona, 2012)

- Memoriale Giuseppe Garibaldi by Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto (La Maddalena, 2012)

- MACRO by Studio Odile Decq (Roma, 2010)

- HangarBicocca (Milano, 2004)

- MUSE by Renzo Piano (Trento, 2013)

- Museion by KSV Krüger Schubert Vandreike (Bolzano, 2008)

Thank you #MusuemWeek, see you next years!

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