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Kartell By Laufen

This it not just simple bathroom furniture but a real lasting and fruitful cooperation between Kartell and Laufen, two famous companies which decided to meet five years ago and to undertake an innovative project. The initial concepts were born in 2010, but the official launch of the combined collection took place in 2013, and it still continues today. In particular, this week at the Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan, inside the frame of the historic and picturesque district of Brera.

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KbL has today six main collections, eclectic ones, designed to suit different lifestyles while remaining in line with the poetics of the brand: the fine quality and the aesthetic principles. The six collections (Geometric Touch, Lightness Sensual, Sophisticated Urban, Reflected Glory, Crystal Black and Nomad's Land) play on the use of several materials, glassy transparencies and plastic ambers, but they all tell the story of Saphirkeramik, an innovative and extremely light ceramic. The color is "a project inside the project." KbL sets aside the traditional colors to rather refer to colors of nature; in KbL bathrooms we find earth tones, shades of orange sands, and various shades of starry blue and white.

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, internationally renowned designer and specialists in the field of bathroom design, were named creative directors of the project Kartell by Laufen. The greatest difficulty, they say, was to combine the totemic and “playful” design of Kartell with the seriousness and the purity of the Swiss Laufen. The point of contact between the brands was therefore the real challenge, but KbL has been a successful partnership, "the summary of everything that can be innovative in the world of the bathroom, on the functional, technological and aesthetic point of view". And for the future?

"The combination of innovative materials which reduce the environmental impact and offer extremely high performance, combined with the iconography and the suggestions of design products, generate a uniqueness that is innovation. And we want to go on working in this sense."tell us Ludovica and Roberto.

Photo Credits: Kartell by Laufen

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