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Among the many companies present at Salone del Mobile 2015 we will also find Material ConneXion, a leading company on innovation, in terms of materials and design, every possible forms of design.

Material ConneXion, 1997’s brainchild of George Beylerian in New York, is now advisor to more than 500 companies in the world, "inspiring the design of tomorrow throught the materials of today" thanks to the work of an international team of specialists and some research divisions such as, for example, Thinklab.

Material ConneXion born in the late '90s as a materials (physical) library; the digital revolution raised the idea of creating a virtual library of materials, a database which nowadays counts more than 7500 cataloged materials.
Access to the online library allows you to view images of the material, detailed material description, usage characteristics and manufacturer / distributor contact information.
One of the aims of Material ConneXion is indeed to create a network between the producers and the users of the materials. Material ConneXion has, however, kept forward the idea of physical libraries all over the world; the Italian MC library is located in Milan and it is accessible to anyone interested as an exhibition of 4000 material of which more than 2500 permanently exposed.

Material ConneXion is not just about research and consulting for companies, but also training and organizing workshops with students from around the world, which are invited to New York and called to deal with a creative and highly dynamic environment.

MC is also a valuable resource for keeping up to date in the world of materials, innovation and sustainability. The research divisions and laboratories regularly publish scientific articles and informative material.

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