The magic of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

The set up of the new museum tour has been designed by Isolarchitetti and Migliore + Servetto Architects, in the subterranean floor, that in two years, once the renovation is finished will be dedicated to the reception and ticket area: a very suggestive narration to exhibit a selection of about 1.000 finds. The unifying element of the project is given buy a wire-frame line that defines each exhibition space. Already existing or newly designed cases are so united by the minimum distance that takes shape around them: a thin white metal continuous line that defines and protects the interior space. A technological frame that becomes the support of the lighting system, and of the articulated system of graphic communication, to build an overall scenario that respecting the architectural rhythm of the succession of pillars defines a tidy exhibition grid to be explored. The studio Migliore + Servetto Architects has designed the graphic set up and the coordinated image of the whole new museum tour. The lettering of the logo “Immortals” recalls the logo designed by the studio for “building site as an event” (graphic re-elaboration of Ra’s eye”) enriched with different material and chromatic elements in order to develop a rich and articulated semantic language of communication.


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The magic of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

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