Museum Urquola Vicenza

A journey through the world of jewellery by Patricia Urquiola

The latest piece of work by the international designer Patricia Urquiola is the new Jewellery Museum that recently sprung up inside the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza. The museum is the first in Italy to be devoted entirely to the art of the goldsmith, and one of the few such in the world.

The museum occupies, inside the Basilica, an area of 410 square meters and is directed by Alba Cappellieri, professor of Jewellery Design at the Politecnico di Milano. The commissioner of the work is the Vicenza Fair; the total cost is 1 million euro and the goal is the enhancement of the culture of the jewel, which has been practiced in Vicenza for decades.

Over 400 objects are on show in the exhibition. A "journey" through the world of jewellery, providing an overview from ancient times to today's 3D printed jewels. The exhibition is distributed over two floors; Urquiola uses a palette of colors that recalls the existing interior, and glass cases, modular and combinable, configuring every room in an original way. The topics dealt with in the first two years of the exhibition are magic, symbolism, social function of jewellery, beauty, art, fashion, design and future. The nine rooms have been individually curated by experts in the field.

The museum was inaugurated on December 14th 2014. During the restoration of the Basilica - declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 - the recovery of a number of important paintings on the walls inside the building were carried out. Urquiola said she had perceived the intervention as a challenge, in terms of a complex dialogue between an emblematic icon of the city and the theme of the jewel, which needs to be told even in its more contemporary facets


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