The winning pair of green building and CORTEN

CORTEN never ceases to amaze us, for beauty and manifold uses. We are talking about the main facade of the new Azergrande tourists’ pavilion (PD) designed by 3ndy studio, a studio of young Venetian architects (Isplora has already grabbed a coffee with them!)

In Arzergrande 3ndy was in charge of the restoration of "Casone Azzurro", an existing building, and the construction of a new tourism receptive pavilion.

While the "Casone" is an example of green building made of materials 100% available in nature (sun-dried clay masonry, earth and dung mortars mixed with straw and lime, rye straw and reeds roofs) and it was kept in original condition with no insertions of new technological systems, the other building is designed as a to be, energetically talking, high-performative thanks to the principles of passive solar building.

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The new pavilion indeed fully respects the hierarchy of most southern exposure, with large windows shielded by a system of shading in COR-TEN inspired by the image of a cane field. The sunlight, the most important element during design process, breaks down on the bars of COR-TEN creating dynamic atmospheres that change throughout the various hours of the day.

These measures of passive solar design and the use of a shielding highly performative have made possible the reduction of the costs of heating and cooling by 75%.

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