Open Building Research

Green and glass for a contemporary residential complex

It's by OBR (Open Building Research) the recently-built residential complex, part of the Milanofiori masterplan designed by the dutch studio EEA.
The area of 218 000 square meters, object of an architectural competition in 2005, was designed to accommodate residential, commercial and service sectors. Thus it springs from here a residential complex formed by three sectors which embrace an internal park, tapering buildings at the extremities and in height. The complex includes around 107 housing units, spread over five floors above ground.
The particularity of the building are the two facades, differently treated according to the facing.
The facade towards the park is more "organic" while the one towards the road is more "urban". Both, however, are composed of frames which make possible the recognition of the own housing unit, by tenants, even from outside the building.
This contributes to create a sense of belonging and it strengthens the exchange man-building.
The facade facing the park is made up of a system of vertical winter garden.
These bioclimatic greenhouses perform two main functions: the thermoregulation of the building and the outside extension of the living space.
The double glass of the greenhouses, two tempered glass separated by an aerated cavity, slide on rails and can be packaged at the extremities. In this sense they give movement to the facade offering different compositive solutions which depends on usage.
The internal glass, towards the apartment, also presents a hype of double glazing separated by air chamber, placed in a frame of thermal-cut-aluminum windows.
A roller blind concealed in the ceiling regulates shading and privacy.
But the green building solutions do not end there. OBR designed, for residences, also a roof garden based on a system of perennial extensive green of reduced growth in height, which require low maintenance and which are resistant to frost, drought and wind.

Photo Credits: Maurizio Bianchi; Marco Introini; OBR

Residenze Milano Fiori Nord

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