Marble for all tastes

Marble for all tastes

Ever dreamed of living in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice?

Lithos Design presents OPUS, the new collection of marble coverings inspired to textures and models of ancient architecture. These are inlaid plates ready for use, in order to play down the monumentality of marble and facilitate the use of it, in all its natural colors: red, yellow, green, brown, pink and blue.
The corporate philosophy of Lithos Design, a company founded by the brothers Claudio and Alberto Bevilacqua, is an adamant one: only natural stone.
The natural stone helps to keep healthy and hygienically safe the environments in which it is applied and it requires little maintenance, if used as a coating. Also it is not flammable, it does not allow mold and bacteria to proliferate and it does not permit electrostatic discharge.

So, why use a fake?

The coatings of Lithos Design ensure, in addition to a very particular aesthetic yield, high levels of sound absorption due to the intrinsic porosity of the stone and due to a special way of processing that ripples the top of the coating and increases the surface which dissipates the sound energy of trampling.

OPUS is designed to unhinge the classical idea about marble and to convince even the most fearful to use it; OPUS collection is divided into five patterns, twenty-five marbles and twelve palettes of colors. The materials are used almost at 100% and the processing scrap is very little.

The idea of OPUS came from Bevilacqua brothers in collaboration with the designer Raffaele Galliotto. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Galliotto is the inventor - for Lithos Design – of this new way of thinking about marble.

Photo Credits: Lithos Design

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