Plinio rowing nautical base

Plinio, rowing nautical base, by MARC Studio

The first piece of work by the architectural studio MARC (Michele Bonino and Subhash Murkerjee), and finalist project in the Medaglia d’Oro for Italian Architecture at the Milan Triennale in 2009, is the Plinio rowing nautical base that overlooks Lake Como in the town of Torno. It is an example of architecture that definitely does not blend with the landscape: an active element, not subject to the context in which it is inserted. While the base sinks into the existing embankment, the continuity of its surroundings are broken by the structure’s colors and materials.

The nautical base is part a small public space complex on the lake. The dressing rooms and services are located underground to save space for the upper walkways, while the boathouse exploits an existing stone descent to the lake.

The peculiar elements of the intervention can be found in the new buildings, which have a capacity of about ten boats. As well as the metal cages, made of steel, metal sheeting, glass and plexiglass, which lack foundations in order not to affect the existing stone paving.


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