Piz Boè

Elegance at high altitude

Italian mountains have often been an inspiration for architects and wonderful architectures. Building at high altitude is a difficult practice for logistics and mobilization of resources and materials; the refuge Piz Boè and his 34 meters stained glass window, at 2190 m above sea level, is almost unbelievable in this sense.
The refuge is located inside an area under environmental protection; the project is signed by Mair & Dorfmann, an architectural firm which has been long interested in sustainable and energy-efficient architecture. So it is the hut Piz Boe, Class B ranked in the frame of Casa Clima certification, thanks to the technologies used for energy saving.
The hut, extremely respectful of the surrounding landscape thanks to its shape that fits perfectly into the mountain environment, shows as its major peculiarity a panoramic window 34 meters long. This stained glass window, made by Vitralux, consists of glass and an aluminum frame concealed inside ceiling and floor. Piz Boè houses within it a gourmet restaurant with 40 seats, a self service of 160 seats and a lounge bar plus an external courtyard, sheltered from the wind thanks to protection offered by the existing pavilion of the cable car.

Photo Credits: Roberto Grigis

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