Città del sole

The winners of the romarchitettura5 contest this year is Labics with the project La città del sole, Rome

This project is part of the Municipality of Rome’s initiative to redevelop a number of transport depots within the city and regenerate a neighbourhood with a weak identity but with good growth potential due to its location at the edge of the city centre.
Labics’ aim therefore was to create a new centre for the local community, but also to increase its profile as a place of transition with privileged access to the city centre. The development of the site has been designed to be porous, allowing good access to and from the site, encouraging the flow of people and demonstrating Labics’ philosophy that cities should be built around systems rather than as a series of objects.
The project is articulated over different levels, with commercial activities and the public library at ground level, offices on the first floor and public spaces on top of those. Three buildings are suspended above this public area – one containing more offices and the other two for residential use contrasting in terms of their typology and external treatment.


Studio: Labics


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