Scuola piazza delle Erbe

A new school in the historic center of Genoa, by PFP architekten

The new school of Piazza delle Erbe is part of the Urban Renewal Programme in the historic center of Genoa. The school rises on the urban voids caused by the bombing which destroyed some monumental buildings and homes in the entire area between via di Porta Soprana and Mezzagalera alley. The new building is composed of several floors.

By exploiting the topography of the lot, the school is accessible from two levels: the square and the ascent of Prione. The school building is composed of two overlapping volumes: "broken" geometries, with a movement of the facades which also corresponds to a distribution choice and an optimization of the classrooms´s exposure.

Is still in phase of restoration the former oratory of Santa Maria del Suffragio, an eighteenth century building adjacent to the school, on whose ruins will be built the auditorium and the library. The oratory is conceived as an integrant part of the whole complex and will create a link between the school and the territory since it will also become a space for public use.

Studio: PFP architekten

Photo credit: Anna Positano and Andrea Bosio


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