Seven Cemeteries to Die For

Isplora Picks "Seven cemeteries to die for in Italy"

Architecture has always been the primary means to celebrate the transition from earthly life to the afterlife and it has covered - often in polytheistic cultures - a value far more than symbolic by being a physical home for the body of the deceased.

Italy, home of several bodies of thought, the scene of numerous wars and dominations, and birthplace of many a celebrity, has often left architects to weigh up the theme of the cemetery with that of death and memory. Frequently, the result is far more distant to what is commonly imagined as the dark and scary cemetery. Sacred architecture is an architecture of harmony, quietness and peace.

Today, Isplora offers a selection of seven Italian cemeteries that are interventions of contemporary architecture. Do not worry, in due course, we will also dedicate to Scarpa’s Brion Vega Cemetery the attentions it deserves!

- Extension of S. Stefano al Mare Cemetery by Amoretti and Calvi e Associati (S. Stefano al Mare, 2006)


Ortona Cemetery by Giovanni Vaccarini (Ortona, 2010)


- Extension of Bagnolo Cemetery by Botticini + ABDA (Bagnolo, 2009)

Cemetery of Gubbio by Andrea Dragoni (Gubbio, 2010)

- The Secret Garden by Tomas Ghisellini (Tavazzano con Villavesco, 2012)


- The Contemporary Frame by dare-architettura and Stefano Bizzarri (Castelmassa, 2013)

- Garden of Remembrance by Gaetano Bertolazzi (Mazzano, 2008)


Photo Credits: Giancarlo Ranalli; Giovanni Vaccarini; Abda; Andrea Dragoni; Tomas Ghisellini; Matteo Cattabriga; Alberto Muciaccia


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