Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015

Shitang and Dragon scales for Vanke Pavilion

The Chinese giant and leader in real estate, with its participation in Expo Milano 2015 aims to offer the world a showpiece of contemporary life in China, from the perspective of ordinary people, through the experience and spirit of the Shitang. 
In its pavilion of 959 square meters are recreated the atmospheres linked to the Shitang which, much more than a simple canteen, represents a traditional social structure, present since ancient times, and which still exists in contemporary Chinese society in various forms. It is a convivial space where they can find inexpensive food and a peaceful, healthy environment.
Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015
Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015
The participation of the construction company Vanke is one of the three faces of China’s presence at Expo Milano 2015 which is divided into three different pavilions that are separate but interconnected with each another: the China Pavilion, the China Corporate United Pavilion, and the Vanke Pavilion.
The Pavilion Architecture
The pavilion, located near the Lake Arena, was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind of New York and by Libeskind Architettura in Milan, which conceived it as an extension of the surrounding landscape. The musicality of its proportions, its sinuous geometry and the fluid movement between the inner and outer volume, create a journey through space and time. 
Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015

The pavilion looks like a serpentine structure covered with ceramic tiles which recall the scales of a dragon.
Not by chance, in fact, it was chosen the image of the dragon to represent China in Expo 2015. Dragon is a symbol which, in Chinese collective imagination, recalls rural traditions, farming and self-sufficiency.
And "Shitang", the concept around which everything centers inside the pavilion - from the spiral structure to the theme of the internal exhibition - is a Chinese tradition related to sharing of food.4200 red glazed ceramic tiles give Vanke Pavilion an extremely scenographic aura inside the landscape of Expo 2015: it is a captivating pavilion, which makes of aesthetics its workhorse. 
Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015
The exhibition is organized on two independent routes, from the inside towards the outside, and with a garden that is found on the roof. Visitors are immersed in a forest of poles, with screens which project scenes of lunches, joy, and sharing. The installation, based on the metaphor of roots, trunks and branches symbolizes Vanke’s commitment to the community, which lives among the mutual relationships of people, values and traditions.

Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015
Vanke Pavilion - Expo 2015
Vanke Pavilion presentation video




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