The Future of Architecture Education?

Conceived as a cultural platform open to creative young people, researchers, professionals and companies in architecture, design and engineering from across the globe that are also interested in economics, climatology, and geography. The intention is to develop innovative projects with a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment through research and experimentation.

SOS bases its actions on the social and environmental importance of architecture to solving global problems on a local scale.

As of September 2015, students will be able to enrol in one of four postgraduate courses: Architecture as a Social Business, Post Carbon Architecture, Right for Quality Shelter, and Blue Design. Each course includes 1500 hours of lectures, workshops and individual study, completed over a period of 12 months.

Along with Mario Cucinella, the team behind the SOS project is composed of: the sociologist Mario Abis, the Library Consultant Antonella Agnoli, economist and partner of SCOA Renzo Baccolini, architect Alessio Battistella, Director of Design. The New Culture Industrial Stefano Casciani, journalist and cultural strategist Christian Colli, the vice president of the Foundation of the World Summit of Nobel Peace laureates, Enzo Cursio, the chief editor of Nova24 Luca De Biase, architect Brian Ford, the landscape architect Andreas Kipar , the director of The Plan Nicola Leonardi, climatologist Antonio Navarra, the general secretary of Symbola Fabio Renzi, the founder of the NGO Earth Wind Annibale Rossi, Professor Timothy Marina and the vice president of Legambiente Edward Zanchini.

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