Lofty Cazzaniga

Stainless steel is very comfortable too

Simple is beautiful. So MDF Italy, a design company now famous all over the world, defines the search for simplicity that runs through every collection and every product of this famous brand. The philosophy of MDF is oriented to the total subtraction of unnecessary, in any design piece, and it is from here that it springs the Lofty collection, designed in 2004 in collaboration with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. Lofty sittings are "the extreme outcome and unprecedented potential of sheet steel," as the designer himself defines the operation.

Cazzaniga, born in 1946, son of a cabinet maker, learnt from childhood the craft of the artisans and grew as a designer in parallel to the years of economic boom in post-war period. His Lofty, for MFD Italy, is a chair (or an armchair or a chaise longue) composed of a self-supporting sheet made of polished stainless steel AISI304, 180 ° swivel, with a limited production of no more than 50 pieces a year.Lofty is an important piece of furniture, but extremely stylish. For this collection, MDF Italy has used the most advanced technologies of modeling and cleaning steel. But here's a trick: if you are interested in buying, don't go alone, a chaise-longue weighs 130 kg!

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