The Cube Travelling Restaurant

The Cube, a travelling restaurant

“The Cube”: created to be a (con)temporary pavilion is a small restaurant, travelling around Europe. Wanted by Electrolux and first entrusted to the agency Absolute Blue (Brussels), its design springs from the collaboration between the firms Park Associati and Studio FM.

Milan hosted The Cube in 2011 during its second stop, on the roof of a building overlooking Piazza Duomo, just a few meters close away from the spires of the Milan Cathedral. The architects define it as “a nomadic, stateless and cosmopolitan piece of architecture”, specifying that the architectural project has been conceived as a module that can be assembled and disassembled relatively easily. The structure is suitable for all climatic conditions, even the most extreme, while always providing the maximum in living comfort with its refined aesthetics and use of high-quality materials. The pavilion is covered by a light-color, laser-cut skin while the side walls are mostly made of glass. The idea of “movable architecture” is gaining more and more of a foothold in the panorama of urban interventions; a movable pavilion is the best way to use a space without changing its foundations.

Photo Credits: Park Associati; Andrea Martiradonna; Bob Noto


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