Tips to visit EXPO

7 tips to visit Expo Milan 2015

EXPO Milan 2015, your world Tour has just started! From now until the end of October you have the unique chance to make a trip all over the world in a single Exhibition. We give you some simple suggestions to make the most of your time.

1)Spend some time asking yourself where we come from (and where we are going!)

The Expo’s threshold is Pavilion Zero, designed by Davide Rampello and Michele De Lucchi. This pavilion tells the story of human impact on nature, and of the origins and evolution of the relationship between man and food.
On the outside, the pavilion appears as a 3D representation of the earth's crust, and it indeed takes visitors into the center of the Earth.

2) Go at night

From 19 to 23 the ticket to Expo (Expo Night) costs just 5 Euros.
Perfect for spending a suggestive night or attending some events. And Expo, at night, is even more beautiful.

3) Don’t forget about Lake Arena

Every Universal Exposition proudly presents the Pavilion of the hosting country.
Expo 2015 is no exception: between Lake Arena and Cardo there are the four buildings (for more than 16,000 square meters!) of the Italian Pavilion, designed by the studio Nemesi&Partners, know about the building technology HERE
Inside the Pavilion it is possible to get knowledge about the history and customs of the country with the world's most famous culinary traditions.
And next, the wonderful Tree of Life.

4) Find out how to grow food in the desert

The Jordan Pavilion takes visitors along a reflection on water scarcity in the Middle East, and on the needed technologies to ensure, however, food production and the self-sufficiency of the country.

Slow Food pavilion promotes the core principles of this year’s Expo - biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and access to food that is good, clean and fair for all.

5) Have a walk between giant loto flowers

Some giant Lotus flowers certainly make Vietnam Pavilion one of the most scenographic inside Expo. The perfect place to relax a little bit.

6) Say Hello to who is at its first time inside Expo

For the first time China participated inside Expo with a self-built pavilion. The theme is “gratitude”, and the Pavilion is really impressive.
Inside, visitors can find out all about Chinese agricultural policies, about the responsibilities of farmers and on the quest for balance in the relationship between man and Earth.


7) Buy another ticket, one is surely not enough

One day is not enough to visit all Expo. You should get some other tickets and enjoy all the oportunities, specially for families. Expo is just 15 minutes far from the centre of Milano.

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