Top Seven Winery in Italy

Isplora Picks "Seven Wineries that showcase Italy"

Wine is a symbol synonymous with Italy. What better way to show the tradition, skill and innovation of Italian wine than through the architecture of Italian wineries. In the second edition of Isplora Picks, we have chosen seven wine production centers, cellars and tasting rooms that show the quality of Italian wine in its natural setting.


1. Le Monde Tasting Room by Alessandro Isola (Pordenone, 2014)

2. Cantine Bulgari by Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners (San Casciano dei Bagni, 2013)

3. Cantine Antinori by Archea Associati (San Casciano, 2012)

4. Cantina Icario by Studio Valle (Siena, 2008)

5. Cantine Petra by Mario Botta (Suvereto, 2003)

6. Winery Nals Margreid by Markus Scherer (Nals, 2011)

7. Nuova Cantina Siliqvini by Emanuele Scaramucci (Castel di Lama, 2013)


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