Unfinished Italy

Unfinished Italy

"Unfinished buildings have the beauty of this which could have been. Of this which is not yet there. Of this which might be one day."

(Inspired by "Le temps en ruines" by Marc Augé)

This is the trailer of a film where you'll find a study of the potential value of unfinished buildings in Italy and of man's ability to adapt them to his everyday needs. These ruins, whose future has already passed and whose present carries the taste of an eternal wait, act as an invitation to meditate about time.

Buildings in standby, given up on halfway through their construction, fallen into ruin before they were ever used, are an integral part of the Italian architectural landscape: houses without inhabitants, stadiums without audiences, hospitals without patients, airports without passengers and bridges witout cars. A conflict between melancholy and horror of disfigured landscape.

These echo monsters, are very often spread along the 7.400 Km of italian coastline, destroying the balance obtained over the centuries, as a result of the absence of a policy to preserve the historical and natural heritage, and even worse, as the hidden will of corruption. Rarelly some of there ruins are teared down, but it happens! we did talk about it recently on the demolition of Alimuri's hotel

However, aswell as on the film, in many situations the unfinished buildings are reused in an spontaneous way by the people living around, in other cases studied and conscious reuses are planned for pleasant public solutions, in any case point of inspirations for artists and photographers.

Palazzetto dello Sport a Tor Vergata, Roma. Photo credits: Moreno Maggi

Alimuri hotel, Vico Equense, Naples. Photo Credits: Maria Teresa Furnari 

Giarre's Stadium, Catania, Sicily. Photo Credits: Luca Babini 

Study to reuse the tangenziale Est at Rome, as it has been done in New York with the high line

Do you know any other unfinished building? Comments in the section below!


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