Colorful Antidote to the urban gray

A colorful antidote to the urban gray

Condominium P is an architecture that makes an experimental use of the color to create a process of urban regeneration.
This residential building is situated in an urban area composed of small volumes, primarily built between the 30s and the 50s. The area has already been involved in some urban trasformations so far, as in the case of the project of a new business center and a garden (signed: Gilles Clement) which will be the access point to an archaeological park. Despite these urban transformations, the area is still architecturally monotonous and lacking a real aesthetic quality: here’s the point why C + C04 Studio envisions the use of colors as a tool for requalification.

Condominium P is an atypical residential building. It is a collective residential building however formed by individual cells. Ten units to be exact, unique in colors, coating materials and location and each with a terrace, a large private space to be furnished with some green.
The layout of the apartments is not repetitive, and it varies from story to story.
The asymmetrical arrangement of the apartments generates a constant change of the facades which can be easily defined, in this project, "dynamic elements".
The communicative immediacy of the facades is given by the color (different for each apartment) and numbering (also graphic element), and it makes of this building a real "urban transmitter".

But let’s get into technological detailing. What is the secret of the color of these facades?
The machining of the coating of the building is obtained through a digital printing technique which uses high pressure power, also called HPL.
It is a technology that exploit the multi-layer composition of some panels made up of a polymerized cellulosic material which then, subjected to high pressures and temperatures, undergo the polymerization of the resins and the consequent colorature and engravings.
The polymerization process produces a final product of high density, water resistance, rot-proof, strong to the actions of the atmospheric agents, with good mechanical characteristics and very low maintenance requirements.
The range of the graphic effects which can be obtained through this coloring technology is very wide and the final plating resists long time even under conditions of heavy pollution.

The architects Cherchi and Cubeddu of C + C04studio have invested on the sustainability of the project. Condominium P is the first building to be awarded in Sardinia of the A class certification for energy performance; this was possible thanks to the high insulating material choices, a sophisticated plant engineering and a ventilated façade which improves the thermohygrometric performances of a building already very well designed.

Condominium P has become an icon of "positive thinking". And, according to the intention of the designers, it is really site specific. The specificity of the context, they say, is the key feature of any good architectural design.

 Photo Credits: C+C04studio

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