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1. What is the "mission" of an architect?

The job of an architect is to respond to the social needs of a community. Taking into account the speed at which society evolves, the architect has to design for the present with the ability to imagine the future. To do this, we must learn to decipher the demands and the limitations of the environment in which we work, be curious, and push ahead. In this way, a project can produce innovation and, through the quality of the spaces and buildings that are designed, become the means to convey ethical, cultural and aesthetic values.

2. What is the challenge like for young architects in Italy?

Being an architect in Italy is very difficult, especially for our generation. It is not just the current economic condition that is problematic, it is also a cultural issue. We live in a society that does not value the younger generation or, even more generally, the intellectual and creative professions. This does not mean it's impossible, but it's definitely a lot more challenging than elsewhere. It takes commitment, hard work, determination and confidence.

Besides this, there needs to be a dynamic management of the work that is flexible and, inevitably, open to the outside. It is important, especially for young professionals, to establish a network of relationships in order to share different ideas, cultural backgrounds and experiences. Networking is important for both personal growth and as a way to reach new goals.

3. What reactions did you have during, or after, your installation at MAXXI?

We are very committed to YAP MAXXI because it is one of the few programs in Italy that aims to foster the younger generation.

It was a very significant moment for us to win the 2013 edition. It allowed us to explore a very particular context and to work with a museum that is as important as MAXXI is. In addition, the demand for an innovative project allowed us to experiment with other industry professionals and artisans in order to achieve an original application of materials and structural systems.

It was definitely a positive experience, and resulted in media attention, invitations to conferences, as well as more commissions for work.

4. What can’t you live without in an architectural office?

A piece of paper and a wall where you can attach your sketches, designs and ideas.


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