Gio Ponti

A little bit of Gio Ponti before your flight

For those who travel through Milano is no longer necessary to leave the airport for a breath of art and culture: a collaboration between SEA and Gio Ponti Archives led to Malpensa three works by the famous architect (artist and thinker). These are three "mysterious objects", now exhibited at the "Gateway to Milan" inside the Terminal 1 of Malpensa.
The initiative is the third in a series; before Ponti there have been exposed in the same place some works by Fausto Melotti and Marino Marini. By Gio Ponti we find set out: "Cathedral of Los Angeles" (1957), "Expressions" (1966), "Floors for Salzburger Nachrichten" (1976).
The airport, heterotopic place of the contemporary society (and indeed, defined non-place by some) does not reflect at all the features of an exhibition space: it is, by its nature, a place of frenetic activity and not quiet contemplation.
And it is here the challenge that the curator Salvatore Licitra wanted to deal with. It says "even Gio Ponti would have been thrilled."


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