Italian buddhist istitute

New spaces for the cultures of people. Italian buddhist institute Soka Gakkai Milan by Peia Associati

The project involves the construction of a cultural centre and the Milan head office of the Institute. The recovery will be carried out through intervention methods based on the formal return of the original aspect of rural historic structure. In addition to the philological restoration of the buildings strictly carried out by the Superintendence and the reconstruction of the sections lost over time, the new large multipurpose room placed in the west free area, 200 meters far from the existing parts, in line with the main court of the historic building, has been approved. The new building, covered with a gold-coloured copper coating, surrounded by a park and immersed in a water basin, has a capacity of almost 1000 seats and it is used as a worship hall, meeting and civic hall and auditorium.

The independent structure of the foyer and related services gradually turns into a small porch linking the courts of the historic structure. The new structure integrates with the existing one to preserve the land and the waterway, and to fulfill both the functions of Buddhist worship and for cultural events, public meetings and conferences organized by the Municipality of Corsico and other associations working in the area, on the theme of peace. The reuse of the structure will effectively contribute to the enhancement of the waterway itself including the Guardia di Sopra farmhouse within the cycle touring and didactic route of the Waterway and the South Park.

Photo Credits + Studio: Peia Associati



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