Hotel Valentinerhof

Luxury Relax in the Dolomites

The hotel is located in the village of Kastelruth next to the well-known Seiser Alm at approx. 1200 meters above sealevel. The family establishment was enhanced and enlarged with a new wellness area and a new lobby with attached bar and restaurant. 14 spacious suites were added to complement the new hotel, increased by 1100 square meters. 

Hotel Valentiner Hof is a winner of the 2012 European Hotel Design Award in the category "conversion and extension of an existing hotel".

Hotel Valentinerhof - studio Noa*

The aim of the architectural concept was to underline and reinforce the impressive surrounding alpine scenery by inserting thoroughly conceived built volumes into the natural landscape. In doing so the intermediation with the local tradition and the accordance with the omnipresent nature was always crucial to the conceptual approach.  The new hotel extension is divided into two smaller volumes that form an arena oriented to the Southern Valley and opens up to the close rock massif of the nearby Schlern Mountain.  The contrast between the wideness of Bolzano’s basin and the imposing presence of the Schlern Mountain is brought back into both fragments of the building in order to create a formal and functional dialogue. At the same time the view, the panorama and the mountain silhouette remain the main focal point.  The hotel achieves a significant attribute to its new identity through the establishment of the new wellness area; the element of water becomes integrative part of the concept of architecture, interior design as well as all products and furniture. 

Hotel Valentinerhof - studio Noa*

The wellness area is composed of a main pool area and a sauna area. The pool consists of an indoor element that forms the entrance area and is connected to the outdoor pool of approx. 70 square meters.  Sundbeds invite to relax and enjoy the wonderful panorama. The pool is framed by the façade’s wooden work and spans over the entire western wing of the building.

The suites are characterized by almost square floor plans; the room-high window panels allow a maximum of natural daylight illuminating all backsides of the rooms and the bathrooms.  
The bed faces towards the valley and every guest can enjoy the great views right in the morning while waking up. The guest is supposed to feel like sleeping outdoors because of the bed’s position right at the border of exterior and interior space.


Photo credits: noa*


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