Milano Mai Vista

"Milano Mai Vista", discover an utopian Milan

Until February 22nd, at the Triennale of Design in Milan, there is being exhibited "Milano Mai Vista" by Fulvio Irace and Gabriele Neri.

What would Milan be like if, during the three major historical periods that changed the city architecturally and urbanistically (Piano Beruto, Piano Albertini, postwar reconstruction), choices had been taken that were different from those which led the city to be as we see it today?

"Milano Mai Vista" tells the story of “another” Milan, exactly the one of these "different choices". A collection of drawings, sketches and a short film (by Francesca Molteni, MUSE) guide the visitors to discover an utopian Milan, one that was never realized, made of interrupted projects.

The exhibition anticipates Expo and it warns us: we must not fall into thinking that Milan is only what results from the most recent great transformations.


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