A Journey of Flavors


Revolving around sensory discoveries, including food and rich culinary reputation, the theme chosen by Morocco is simple and straightforward.
It invites the visitors to a journey of senses in order to explore the diversity and wealth of the kingdom.

Once they step in the pavilion, the visitors will travel from one region to another, from north to south, and discover the variety of local products and agronomic tastes inherent to each region.
This journey will make the visitor grasp the diverse know how and good practices that Morocco has developed in many aspects, including its production techniques, its water management systems and its environment preservation, which explains its participation in the world Expo Milan 2015 held under the theme "Feeding the Planet, energy for Life".

A combination of tradition and modernity, the Moroccan Pavilion promises the visitor a unique experience that will appeal to all the senses: the pleasure of scents, the contact with beautiful materials, the atmospheres of light and colours, the refreshing shadows, the soundscapes, and the subtle tastes. Amidst this diversity, the visitor’s imagination will be transported


The Moroccan Pavilion is located on surface of 2,900 m²,the constructed area is 1,300 m².

The Moroccan pavilion is a Kasbah built of wood and clay. It respects the architectural approach in harmony with the theme of the World Expo that aims to promote sustainable development.
It is a reflection of Kasbahs, this Berber architectural style that characterises southern Morocco, and exists in perfect harmony with the environment and lifestyle of its communities.

Organized in a single space over the entire length of the site, the exhibition in the Pavilion of Morocco is a smooth and continuous walk. Punctuated by five gardens representing the different ecologies present in Morocco, the proposed visitor experience is a sensory stroll, rich and evocative. These five ecosystems intersect the path from North to South, showing the diversity of the countryside and landscape of Morocco. From the Northern provinces of the Mediterranean and the fertile plains of the Gharb, the visitors pass through the rich, urban and industrial coastal areas and the mountains that lie at the heart of Moroccan rural identity before finishing in the magnificent desert provinces of the South. The visit ends with a Concept Store that offers handpicked typical Moroccan products, including local food products, wellness products and handicrafts that meet international standards.


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