Carà Museum

How to revitalize the cultural scene of a city

Triggered by a donation of several works of the artist to his hometown, Muggia, the Ugo Carà Museum of Modern Art arises to revitalize the cultural scene of Trieste.

The new building is inserted into the tract of ancient walls which still surrounds a stretch of Muggia, and directly interacts with a sixteenth century stronghold. The museum is designed to work with the theme of light (designed in a truly peculiar way: natural lighting comes from the north due to exhibition requirements) and the issue of memory, at two levels: of the city and of the artist.

The museum is divided into three areas: a hall hosting the works donated by the artist to Muggia, a multimedia room and a two-storey-high space for the contemporary art collection. Within this space, the architects Starassociati and Claudio Farina have developed the project with movable walls and sliding doors that can be configured in eight combinations yielding the space flexible to the changing exhibition requirements.


Photo Credits: Marco Covi


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