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De Lucchi + Rampello's Expo Pavilion Zero wins Wallpaper Design Award

Pavilion Zero, on the threshold of EXPO 2015, is a journey to the center of the Earth proposed by architects Michele De Lucchi and Davide Rampello. The pavilion has just won the Wallpaper * Design Award 2015 in the category of best building site.

A 3D representation of the Earth's crust and, in sequence, soil and Earth orography (mountains, hills, caves and valleys), Pavilion Zero will tell the story of human impact on Nature since man made his first appearance on Earth. Inside the pavilion it will be possible to trace and learn about the culture, the rituals, the symbolism and mythology through which men have been responsible for the transformation of the natural landscape. By the will of the curators, Pavilion Zero will be missing any form of digitization of the exposed content inside. The visitors' path through the pavilion will be divided into 12 room-caves, plus a final one dedicated to good eating practices.

Pavilion Zero, modulated on the shape of the Earth's crust according to the scheme of the level curves of the orography of the Earth, is an architecture made up of wooden cones from 20 to 26 meters in height. It will be the only pavilion on the Expo site to stay open during the evenings.


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