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Italia per Interni - Manifesto #2 at Spazio FMG

The cultural calendar of Spazio FMG is always very interesting and it offers, from February 19 until April 2, the second edition of Italia per Interni, an exhibition dedicated to the visions and manifestos of four designers of national significance in the field of interior design: Labics, Davide Fabio Colaci, Luciano Giorgi of IGB Architects and Navone Associati.

Each of them has their own vision of interiors on which, everyone agrees, there has not been paid proper attention in recent years. For Giorgi, the interior is "a domestic space, where the architect and cultural references are at a metaphysical level"; for Navone Associati it is a "container"; Maria Claudia Clemente of Labics tells us about her experience as an interior designer for business, while the manifesto by Colaci defines interiors as "micro-interventions that progressively qualify and rewrite parts of the city and territory".

The FMG space, opened in Milan in 2007, is a real meeting point between architecture and the city. In short, if you're in Milan do not hesitate to take a look. The exhibition Italia per Interni – Manifesto #2 is on until April 2.

Spazio FMG


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