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Stack stoves are the brainchild of a collaboration between Castellamonte and Adriano Design, a revolutionary line of stand-alone ceramic stoves with wood and pellet burning fireplaces that reinterpret the archetypal object in a contemporary style. Stack stoves combine modular elements for combustion and heating, and are available in round or rectangular styles with a choice of bases and finishes, making it easy to modify to fit your living space and needs.

The Stack stoves are “ecological heat generators” that can reach great yields with low environmental impact and, through their modularity, consumption optimization. This new level of innovation has been made possible by bringing technology and tradition together: the research and development of Castellamonte products with Adriano Design’s avant-garde design has been able to preserve, update and improve upon an ancient tradition for the modern home.

The line of Stack stoves were first presented at ISH in Frankfurt in 2011, where the RoundStack model won the prestigious German Design Plus Award, which was also given to the ThermoStack model in 2013. The RoundStack was also selected for the ADI Design Index 2011 and, more recently, received honorable mention in the XXIII ADI Golden Compass.

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